30 Days of Creativity~Day Four

I am a very sensitive soul. I love people and love my friends. Nothing hurts me more than when no one calls me or invites me to their house party or whatever. I may not go because I suffer from slight panic but the offer is nice. This song is written from the perspective of those that are listening to their machine (yes, some of us don’t use cell phones every day..lol). I have a lot of anger issues too. My song is called “Leave Me A Message” and I wrote it after listening to my daughter listen to a message from a friend on the answering machine and decide not to call her back. I thought it was evil. The song is written and performed by me. I have no musical training and the music is performed on one of those machines,…I forget what they’re called except the guitar on the wah pedal. My brain is dead from all of the pills I take.

Listen and don’t die laughing.

Play the song Leave Me A Message

All Rights Reserved and Copyrighted, even if it does suck.