I LOve MY DOg…….

I am a 15-year-old that has been hibernating in the body of a 50-year-old woman for many years. I refuse to grow old, nor act or dress as society dictates. They can all go to Hell. I only want PEOPLE to LOVE me and ACCEPT ME for WHO and WHAT I AM. I care for others and my heart breaks and bleeds for those that society like to trod upon. I am a caregiver and raised my two daughters who are now adults. My husband died in July 2011 from cancer. A part of me died with him. I love my dog, an American Eskimo, he is a rescue dog and has seizures, but as of this update has since passed away.

This blog is about me and my life with bipolar disorder and how it dances throughout my reality. Sometimes it conquers it and sometimes it only a bit player and stays in the background but the truth of the matter is it just won’t leave. I HATE it.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you follow me and open up your consciousness to those of us bipolar. we just want to be understood and loved. Thanks.


7 thoughts on “I LOve MY DOg…….

  1. Bipolar’s a tough one, from everything I hear and read about it. Thanks for opening your head and your heart here.

    • Dorothy says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting if you choose to do so. I think I learn more from everyone else than I do the doctors.

  2. What a coincidence- I’m a 15 year old in a 32 year old’s body! And I adore my rescue dog Cassie (spaniel/lab cross) and being Hypomanic !!

  3. hakesplace says:

    I accept you as you are. My sincere sympathies for your husbands passing.

  4. I think I may be a 5 year old in a 20 year old’s body. Maybe I’ll get to 15 someday!
    I don’t have bipolar, I would never claim to understand but I always feel for those that do, as its so stigmatized these days. I do have depression and anxiety, its given me a whole new respect for those that live with mental illness…and I do tend to gain and learn a lot more from talking to others in a similar situation than doctors and such…
    Your dog sounds cute…and I’m sorry about your husband. I know I’m just a faraway stranger and it probably means nothing, but I am.

  5. lala1966 says:

    I was looking forward to reading your post. I have been hoping to get an update from you. I guess maybe you decided against it. But I must tell you that you haven’t left my mind and I am still praying for you. I even told my mother to pray for you and your family situation. I want to send you a (((hug))) at least until I hear from you. I wish I ccould hug you in person nad take some weight off of you. I am begging God to please be with you and help you. xx

    • Dorothy says:

      I thought I posted…maybe it didn’t go through. Thanks for your prayers and your Mums and your hugs. I have to get used to everything being different now. That’s how it goes.

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