An Entry With no Name

Darkness, I hope it becomes you because that’s all there seems to be in my world. My sleep cycle has been disturbed as of late. Awake, night after night. Silence my friendly enemy soon to be replaced by the cacophanic offerings of thought. Rhythmic breathing, in and out, in and out, how long can the inhalation be held before straining? What does it feel like to drown? Do you just realize that you’re going to die and accept the fact by breathing the water? Why am I thinking this? I should be asleep but I’m awake thinking things from some other time and place. Have you ever wondered why some chords sound better played in consecutive order than others? Have a happier tone or a sadder tone? Why does our brain perceive this to be this way? Why am I awake at 2:30 a.m thinking of this? Why, oh why, do I ask the question why? Honestly, I am interested but a big part of me doesn’t care either. I’d be just as satisfied if a giant meteor crushed me as I slept. I have no purpose of existence.


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