Unable to Connect

Don’t know what to do anymore. All I do is stay in one room and listen to music and watch tv. I don’t socialize with anyone because I don’t have anything to say to them. I talk to my daughter but she’s busy, so I don’t say much. I refuse to talk to my brother, he just wants to debate everything I say. So, I stopped talking to him completely, not one word. My doc thinks he has Aspergers, so he should be happy. He doesn’t do anything but sit at the kitchen table on his computer all day, watching cartoons or writing sci-fi. Whatever. I’ve given up. I’m either gonna drink myself to death, die from boredom, or say the wrong thing to the wrong person and be killed. Well, hallelujah, bring it on! I’ve already fulfilled all my promises in this crappy life and if the rest of the world wants to run around crazy then so can I.


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