The Burdens we Must Share

I carry the same baggage that my children must in turn bear. Nothing in life, from birth to death is fair. I understand now the pain they shed but hearing it is something I mostly dred. I caused them pain, inexplicably, but not maliciously. Tell that to a child…even when they’re grown. I understand cause it was done to me. Pass down the sin through the generation, when will it stop? When will it be forgotten? I can hate myself for all it’s worth, doesn’t change a thing. Drink myself to an early grave, nothing makes the pain go away. Generational baggage carried through the ages, tear away at my memories, the time still rages.
Restitution, apologies, grave-side analogies we’re still one in the same it was always just a game and we were just insane. One day you’ll awaken, as I did and your eyes will see the truth of life as it lies naked before you. Nothing is as it appears before YOU, only the memory you perceive to be, the importance you perceive to be, all other will no longer perceive to be. I am just a memory that you perceive to be evil, or nice, deceptive or helpful. I fill whatever void you need filled and nothing more. It can be sad to realize this or it can be no emotion at all. Like reading a good book that doesn’t end the way you want it to, it can still be a good book, no?


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