The one thing I like about my blog, unlike Facebook, is I can say whatever I want without a bunch of lurkers hanging around. Here, I don’t care whether anyone thinks Im being proper, or politically correct, or whatever. I just don’t care anymore. I can write my crazy “poetry”, rants, thoughts of the day, or anything and if you or no one reads it, it doesn’t matter. That is ultimate freedom.

So, more of my drunken ravings…

Radioactive, entertainment industry is what’s going out tonight. Can I rely on a normal conversation or will this be an an interrogation? Always asking me what I’m thinking but not accepting the answers that I offer. Losing my mind, my thoughts, my feelings whether what I say will be accepted or not. I am not what you think I am. I am not the revolutionary one nor the way you planned. You thought I was one way but turned out another, ripped out my brainstem turned it over, made it smother. All the same to you, whether I live or die. LIFE keeps ticking on, moment by moment, till I lose it all, the hours are numbered for me. My brain is aching with the suffering of those who’ve died. I can’t take this much longer, nor should I. Let’s end it together.


What have you got to say

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