Night falls, blues emanate from the corner. My kind of music. Gut wrenching, hip churning blues that can ignite a fire as well as drown one in tears. I’ve been drinking to loosen my mind, roll to the beat, and silence the demon that runs rampant in my mind. I’d like nothing more than to do this for hours. Foot slamming, undulating, conversating/singing with my audience of one is all I need to get truly high. The world can go on talking about one crisis after another, but what is the point of their information? Is it truly fact or sensationalized spin to keep you pinned to their objective? It’s all coming to an end, says one talking head to another. I’ve been listening to this since the days of the Cold War. Duck and cover, HA! I’m going to live my life like everyone’s my friend because I refuse to live in fear. It’s been a long time! “Together we stand, divided we fall”.


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