States of Address

Testing voters will show that their ignorance abounds.,, astounds our fellow travelers from afar. We are ignorant and ignored, stagnant not cognizant, unaware of worldly events and drunk to the malevolent ways of leaders that misrepresent and characterize us as miscreants, revolutionaries, dignitaries of darkness sent from beyond to carry away all semblence of normalcy as known to them yet only awakening them to the truthfulness that must be seen, ignorance comes at your own demise and that of your brethren. The shame you bring to your kind for your choice of staying blind to the swill you swim in. Shame…you are aware but choose not to look. Happier to stay dumbfounded, critical, and lost to an illusionary world of hatred. Dividing yourselves into subdivisions, subtitled and subcategorized into minute boxes of every infinite difference conceivable until you’re no longer recognizeable as a working unit, just a dysfunctional clusterfuck of a society that collapsed upon itself because of itself. Yet the world keeps turning without us, galaxies expanding, black holes swallowing, and life forms evolving. Ours is like a fourth of July sparkler, bright and loud…proclaiming it’s importance and burning out quickly. Shame…we have so much beauty here. The people, the land, the creative minds…bound up tightly, suffocated in a society of norms of shoulds and woulds, not coulds and imagines. Shackled and medicated into conformity, “do not disturb” the status quo and entitled lest you tip the scales of Lady Liberty. Do the matters of the past play as strongly today when no one is listening to cries of neglect? Man may as well be rodent when poison is being sprayed as freely upon him. Go on, care not, I’m sorry to impose upon your sun-shiny day. Watch your sports, or cooking competition, political commentator, or broken news breaking…what I say doesn’t matter to nobody at all. It’s just a rerun in historical context played out and spun. Live or die, what does it matter, another will replace like seeds scattered.


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