Under New Management


I help people .

I show people that they are good…they are worthy…they have gifts that are unique to them and their contributions to the world no matter how small they perceive them to be are far greater than they could imagine.

I am a messenger.

I didn’t know this before because I didn’t acknowledge this in myself. Now I know. I’ve always tried to help people since I was very little yet I needed the approval of so many people that the act of graciousness lost its meaning after awhile.

My brain’s over-analysis of every situation attempting to control everyone and everything eventually burned out. I’m really glad that it did too. My brain is enjoying the holiday. Constantly thinking with one’s mind is tiring. When I tried thinking with my soul my perspective changed from one of fear to one of love. I no longer felt anger, the emotion ceased as did the entire thought process justifying my anger. The first time I tried this I really was amazed at how great it felt. I wanted to stay like this all of the time. Yet, the simple concept of ‘wanting’ that feeling involved using my mind and so it left. Hindsight shows me that I should have enjoyed the feeling for that moment because there is only the present. This isn’t to say that I have transformed into some guru or something. I’m simply saying I’ve realized and believe that I’m a good person and I’m the only one responsible for how I feel. No one can make me feel a certain way or another. The knee-jerk reaction is to let my mind respond with the usual defense mechanism which is to act in fear ( insert anger, hate, misunderstanding, etc. it all equates to fear) but this never works. Why? Fear originates in the mind and fear controls. Yet you might also be thinking fear keeps us safe but what it really prevents us from doing is living. Think about that the next time you are afraid to do something. Ask yourself why you are afraid…and ask from your heart. See if you are even capable of doing this…have you evolved enough to think beyond your mind to think with your soul?