It’s Been a Long Time Since We Rock n’ Rolled

I keep telling myself I should purge my brain of my daily activities and write once again, especially since summer is upon us. I’m out of school until Sept. and an idle brain gets me into trouble. Yet, define trouble for me…because my definition doesn’t exist. I believe that nothing I do is wrong because that word or concept is only a perspective placed upon humanity by a chosen few in society that see fit to define the word or concept as their morals interpret it. Anyway, in between my breaks with reality where I force myself to stay on top of what’s going on in the world I also disappear and am in the process of creating characters for a story I am writing. Character creation can take awhile if the character is going to be a major character in a story and to have the ability to actually create someone’s personality with all of it’s flaws and nuances is something I don’t take lightly when writing. I’ve been doing really well in college and have had a 4.0 GPA since I started. I think I’ve finally decided that my major will be English since I like to write. I started out as a culinary major but hurt my back and couldn’t physically perform the required hours needed for that, so I thought about Psychology but that major is crazy. No pun intended. It’s an interesting area of study, it’s an art more so than a science, except for the advancements being made in genetics and the biological proof found to back up many of the theories presented by researchers but there is so much in-fighting and posturing that it I don’t find that part of it attractive. So, I will switch to English.

I wonder now, if my life seems boring to how it used to be. I have no one to take care of except Ella, my rabbit. She demands so little and makes little to no noise, although at times she likes to bang around at night when I’m asleep and that can wake me. I still sleep lightly in any case because old habits die hard. I don’t care though, I love my pets.