Blue Bottles

Blue Bottles

The blue bottles line up in the back hallway
signifying our time spent apart.
Each one means I miss you.
An ache and tear ripped across my heart.

You’ll never return to me no matter how much I try.
No matter how much I pray to the heavens above
God can’t make whole my broken heart,
can’t mend the pieces shattered of our life and love.

My fairy tale was supposed to be arm in arm together,
you worked so hard for years to be free.
I could take care of you forever and make it all be so right.
But hand of fate slapped me hard and reality had to be.

Now cold hard ground I stand upon.
Your name etched in stone.
Blue bottles line up in the back hallway.
Together we started, but end, 

I am alone.

~Dorothy Ludovici


4 thoughts on “Blue Bottles

  1. lala1966 says:

    oh Dot, that is such a sweet poem. It is sad when you have something that does work and it gets taken way. So many don’t get the chance to experience being happy with someone and staying in love. But you lost someone that you conpletely happy being with. It isn’t fair at all. (((hugs)))

  2. unfetteredbs says:

    So sweet and so very sad. Thinking of you Dorothy.. and aching a little for your loss.

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