Sunday Night Blah

I lost my post from Saturday night. I don’t know what happened to it but after writing it I proceeded to add the photo and the posting got lost somehow. I couldn’t even find it in draft either. It makes me wonder if I actually wrote it at all. I actually wonder about those things. Maybe I only imagined those things. Anyway, today was a half wasted day. I didn’t run any marathons, I didn’t write any books, (actually, between you and me and the lamp post….I have started to write a book, back two years ago but it was erotica, so I only went so far….I have the idea for the book and started writing the good parts and filling in pieces, but I haven’t written in a long time) and I didn’t host any elaborate state dinners. I got up early and took care of the dog and then went back to sleep. WOW! I accomplished so much! Then I cut the grass and went shopping for leaf bags and got stopped by a policeman. Oh joy! I need to stop walking through life on auto-pilot as this seems to attract policemen. He parked right next to me at the store and normally that makes me wicked paranoid but this time I could care less. Perhaps I cared I bit too little. He happened to come out at the same time I did and follow me exactly the way I drove even though I take an alternate route. None of this raised any red flags, in fact I saw him in my rear view mirror and all my brain said was, “Get Out Of My Way! ” next thing I know is the policeman turns his flashers on and pulls me over. Luckily he was a lazy guy and didn’t feel like getting out of his car because he just pulled it up next to mine and spoke to me through the open window. Seems he didn’t like that I forgot to use my turn signal. Normally I do but today for some reason I forgot. Maybe because I was being tailed by a policeman and it distracted me. He wanted to know if I knew it was the law and yes, I said I did and yes, sir, I was sorry and wouldn’t do it again. Anything not to get a ticket since it would be a moving violation and would appear on my auto insurance and it’s not REALLY an infraction….give me a break. I didn’t run a red light. Lucky for me, he just wanted to do the authority schtick and off he went, making left and right turns without a turn signal.

So, my trip to get light bulbs and leaf bags could have turned into a hefty ticket and a surcharge on my auto insurance all because I didn’t use my blinker. Maybe my Sunday should have been more boring than it was. I was just trying to do something productive officer, really……..only rake leaves.

The rest of my evening has been spent being called names by my Dad. Let’s see I am a guy that is a ‘wise guy’, a ‘smart aleck’, a ‘son-of-a-bitch’, ….he wants to know what I have done with the baby that doesn’t exist. His dementia is really bad tonight and he tends to take it out on me the most since I spend the most time with him. Honestly, I feel bad for him. I wish I could make his life better but realistically he lived 90 fruitful years before this happened to him. So, to have the past five be downhill how can I complain. Longevity runs in the family too, so I wonder how long this will last. How long will I last caring for him before I really lose it? And who will do it if I can’t ?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Blah

  1. lala1966 says:

    (((hugs))) I’m sorry your sunday sucked sweety xx

  2. unfetteredbs says:

    sending support via the click …hang in there dorothy

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