Drunken Poetry

I’m looking for someone who can help me complete the journey that I started so many years before
I feel like there’s a part of my life that I never got to live
I want to throw up in the sink and sing at the top of my lungs and not worry who I’m going to wake up
and dance until the sun comes up or until my legs give out and I need another drink
I wonder who am I or who are you and who are they
why can’t I remember who are they why can’t I remember  why can’t I remember
the leaves a falling, the summer is gone, crashing all around the wind calls out my name
why has it gone, who remember s my name and the awful game that we played
tell me, tell me, the secret to me, I need to know but I understand if you  can’t tell, if you can’t understand my needs, the importance of my mind, like a piece of clay molded into a another world of a kaleidoscope of whys and as I twist into the abyss of this closed eye spinning wheel and stomach twist and wishing it all had never existed , why oh why, I love the lie of being drunk and feeling high……you know it all comes down to feeling high, just feeling high…pour me another vodka and make it fast why the world spins past. I’ll meet you as you pass and grab it quick and miss another as I trip across the threshold and sink into the dimension of another soul.  My mistakes equal many but gone they’ve been and left behind are drinks to mix so come and join me and have a few and we’ll talk about our lives and how human we are and friends we can be and the best part of all we’re all the same and we’ve screwed up our pasts but we’re here to tell to those who’ll listen. I like being the broken and not so perfect, makes it easier to fit in when marred with scars and discolorations. Mix it up and shake it so slightly until we’re all so much alike and pour us out onto the walkway of life. Am I you or who is he…you look so alike. Drunk and sober, scarred, aged, and hurt by so may years. So many years past. You are me and I have past the barrier of so many years past. Welcome to my world.


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