Minus One but for How Long

Today continues the drama of my family life with daughter #2 who walked out the other night after I told her she was no longer welcome to stay. I decided to send her a text message avoiding a phone call because she doesn’t like to listen to me when I talk. Besides I didn’t have much to say anyway. I let her know that IF she chose to return she could never talk to her grandfather like that again and she would need to be quiet when he was asleep at night. I don’t think I am asking much. I don’t ask for chores, I don’t ask for rent, I don’t ask for anything else from her. I pay for her college incidentals and co-pays on her health insurance and giver her money when ever she asks. And I drive her every chance I get. Well, now that this is all ending. I honestly feel some happiness. I don’t feel sadness anymore. I feel sad that we fought the other night and I still have the bruises to show for it. My dream world would like for it to be a different way but I don’t control my dream world nor the real world either. She answered my text saying she was moving out but would come and get some of her stuff. So, maybe she needs to do this and it is for the best. The world has always been something that she has needed and wanted. She has never wanted to be at home and have any authority over her. She had counted the days until she turned 18 and now she is 19, so I cannot stand in her way. At least she knows she has a place to stay but if she insists it be her way then she needs to grow up. I wish her luck in the outside world. I have my hands full as it is with my father and I wish she could have understood that. Too bad it turned out this way.



2 thoughts on “Minus One but for How Long

  1. lala1966 says:

    I know it seems cold, but let her go. I am saying this a a mom who didn’t let go and it was a big mistake. She will be a better person if she learns her lessons now while you are still at arms lenght. (((hug)))

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