Do you know what time it is?
Have you any idea?
I’m not sure if I am human, so I’m not worried about the time. My brain has stopped to cease its functionality as it was meant to perform. It only operates at sub-par operational methodology. Why do we exist at all? Why are we here? My younger one is mad at me tonight. What purpose must I serve for her. My medication causes my emotions to cease so I feel no empathy towards her. She is mad=so what. End of story. That is how I feel. This is how they (the doctors) want me, I guess. No emotion….yet, I do have them just not tonight. What is right, what is wrong? Who decides for me? It is me and no one else. I decide that there is no wrong because there is no emotion. No emotion means no morals. How can there be?

i am numb to all people


4 thoughts on “

  1. questrix says:

    “like” isn’t really appropriate, but I empathize. You’ll be back and your little one will welcome you lovingly. Harangue your doctors until they get the cocktail right; you deserve better.

  2. unfetteredbs says:

    clicking like for support

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