I’m the same as you
when I wake I open my eyes
I use a toilet too
just like you

I eat food to nourish my body
maybe not the same
that makes your taste buds ignite but
the system functions the same

There are times when I’m not the same
I see things differently
I feel screams inside me
my body feels every sound that passes
by my ears
My lungs are squeezed for air like two arms
wrapped around them
My soul feels pain for every soul that hurts
even though it knows not who they are nor where
Other times it doesn’t care, feels like a zombie and
is unaware, a bomb could ignite and not care if I lay dying.

Good….I needed that pain and the searing agony,
deserve the people’s stares….they look on unaware that I am special, for all they care I could be God but they’re too busy to really know the answer. Too busy to really know the truth. Too busy to really know I know. To busy to know I have dropped down and destroyed all I worked so hard for, now back to the beginning  to START once again. I ask the question….does it end?  When? When does this really ever end? Or does it ever really end? I wonder.


3 thoughts on “Normal?

  1. crb46 says:

    I think you are special too! (((hugs)))

  2. unfetteredbs says:

    I really like this one.. you express everything so well

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