Monday Daydream

fortune cookie says…….Great minds run in great circles.   
How true, says I of great mind. My mind has been doing just that of late and I know quite a few of you have been doing that also. Our great minds get to thinking and running in hyper speed of some sorts and don’t know what to do with ourselves and soon we are just running in great circles getting no where. Very frustrating to say the least. Is it caused by the solar flares? Is it the humidity of the August days of New England? Is it the impending doom of the end of the world upon us? Seriously, I’d like to know why so many of us feel this way. I feel bored but I don’t know why. I have tons of things I could do, many things I could try that are artistic, and there are even a few things I have to do but I want to plop my head down on the table and blow bubbles out of my mouth like a baby. Hmmm…..not good at all. My head feels like the drone of the cicada has invaded it and caused all of the energy to sputter out in a short-circuit. Usually I like Monday because there is good energy in the house and today the weather is less humid and there is a slight breeze so it’s not stifling with heat. So I am daydreaming and staring out the back windows looking through the scenery not even at it. According to the experts daydreaming is good for you. It releases stress and is sort of a form of meditation and it helps us get away. Okay, that I can understand because I do feel trapped here.

So, if I could harness the powers of my daydreams I could accomplish something even if it was just in my own imaginary world. For instance, just now there is that good-looking Italian man who likes to walk around my back yard. I know he’s Italian because of his accent and he sings well. My husband was half Italian and could not sing well at all. It was almost a joke hearing him sing because he could make a dog howl and we all would groan and he would laugh. Well, this shirtless, (yes, he is now wearing no shirt, hahaha,) man is fixing everything I need fixed outside and he is tending to my garden too because he knows how to do everything I need done and he enjoys doing it..there is no complaining from him. He has a nice smile while he works and he likes to sing  and be pleasant. God, this is a daydream! I don’t think I’ve ever in my life met a man like this.

You know, I have to admit by just writing this tiny bit of a very tame fantasy I feel better. This is no 50 Shades of Gray…more like 10 Shades of Mediocre Taupe but maybe daydreaming is worth something and instead of feeling like I was wallowing around like a beached whale on my kitchen table waiting for my dryer to finish I should just continue writing about my fantasy Italian handyman. 😆


2 thoughts on “Monday Daydream

  1. Hi Dorothy,

    Nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award:


  2. Dear Dorothy,

    I’ve noticed the same thing. I read a lot of Mental blogs and it’s weird when everyone seems to be feeling the same as me at the same time. Hmmm. I wonder if we could get a massive grant to do a trans-Atlantic study on it. I bet we’d come up with some interesting facts.

    Love Dotty xxx

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