I’ll be back- Just because I know you’ll be here

Sorry, I’ll be back soon. My brother has been on vacation and he creates so much drama and extra work. Also my older daughter is leaving to go to California Sunday, so that is slightly stressful even though I’m the one that pushed her to go and is encouraging her. In my heart I know it’s good for her but as her mother I will worry. My younger daughter has reverted to being the responsibly dumb one again. Sorry I don’t like the word  “dumb” but she is not thinking at all. On one hand she gets on the Dean’s List at college for her excellent grades and on the other hand doesn’t go to the doctor when experiencing the symptoms of a urinary tract infection even though I advised her to go and not to wait because she had jury duty coming up. Instead she ignored it and it got worse and went to jury duty and got picked to sit on a jury and then at 3 in the morning needed to see a doctor at the hospital because the pain was so bad. This left me with two hours sleep then the doctor gives her antibiotics that she takes for one day and decides she won’t take them anymore, That’s the dumb part. Can I scream yet? The whole time my Dad has been hating me too because his golden son has been home and since they now have their Men’s club the evil woman can stay out. This sucks but I promised my mother I’d care for him until the end or until I can no longer do so because I can’t physically handle him.

I CAN’T WAIT FOR MONDAY TO ARRIVE!  I didn’t get my car’s oil changed but my brother got his car serviced. I think I need to work on asking for more for myself. I did too much for everyone else and not enough for me. Even my vacuum cleaner broke and I need to take it to be repaired. So, I need to make a list of things to do for myself so I can get organized to get things accomplished. Then I’ll feel happier. It’s finally sinking in that trying to make other people happy aint making me happy, just very tired.

I miss you all and will try to catch up on Monday.



7 thoughts on “I’ll be back- Just because I know you’ll be here

  1. Gledwood says:

    Taking antibiotics for a day or two then leaving them lets the strongest bugs survive and that’s why we now have superbugs. But I suppose it is not worth telling her that she sounds like she wouldn’t listen. In fact she sounds like a very exasperating daughter to have. And by the way is she scared of doctors or something…?

  2. NZ Cate says:

    Oh dear! You have got your hands full. 😦 Is ‘responsibly dumb’ possible? LOL. I guess your daughter is proving it. Hang in there.

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