Won’t You Come to My Tea Party

I love it when my carefree behavior influences my father. I had been sitting in front of him practicing on one of my old guitars and snapped a string. Instead of letting it annoy me I made up a little song about it and just winged it as I went along because I didn’t care, the strings needed changing anyway. About twenty minutes later my Dad starts singing the song at the table but the words are not the same, just the melody. He stops and then takes a sip of his imaginary cup of tea….I can’t help but find this amusing. My big, tough father has changed so much. He never sang songs and he certainly never sipped imaginary cups of tea. I KNOW I’ve adapted to the lifestyle changes I’ve had to make but every so often I get a chuckle from what he does.



One thought on “Won’t You Come to My Tea Party

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