The Allied Forces of Support Award

Wow…a new award has been created by magicallymad at


It’s The Allied Forces of Support Award For Support Above & Beyond the Call of Duty and she has been so graciously kind to bestow upon me this award. It’s a very special award. The only rule with this award is that it stay in the mental health/health community and be awarded to readers who have consistently been supportive. I believe in what goes around comes around and I cannot help but connect to “magicallymad” because she is true to herself, helpful beyond words, funny, and can tell stories that leave you looking for more. A great person and a truly great award. Thanks for the honor.

I won’t be awarding at the moment because most of the mental health blogs I read have already been awarded by magicallymad and I don’t want to duplicate. So, I graciously accept and I will exit stage left.




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