30 Days of Creativity~Day 16


today must be something to someone

a birthday or a special day somewhere

to me it’s just another day or have I forgotten

my brain cells seemed to have  disappeared

Is it the alcohol I’ve been drinking?

Or  the pills I’m prescribed to take each day?

The funny herbal concoction I’ve been smoking?

Am I still grieving every time a death comes my way?

I don’t think God is listening right now

he’s busy with more important matters

People killing each other everywhere

No time for my negative brain and it’s chatter

Just trying to keep busy so I won’t be thinking

honestly, I’m feeling so tired

sleep aint enough,  neither’s smoking nor drinking

into a corner now I’m hiding

Close the door on me and walk away

leave me behind and let the silence stay

Don’t say nothing cause you don’t know what to say

Me, Myself, and I are doing fine we’re okay

Go on, go on….just walk away…really, we’re fine…walk away.


What have you got to say

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