30 Days of Creativity~Day 15


emptiness……the cold air chills my skin nighttime settles in and I’m alone again

me and the Skyye  and bottles of pills….
I could die
if I chose to………………………………………….

but it doesn’t always work that way with pills and alcohol
sometimes you just sleep in a pool of vomit
or choke horribly and be found and revived ashamed to have failed
other times you’re impaired and hurt others that have nothing to do with your stupid little life
Besides do I want an ending or a new beginning?
I think I know the answer to that.

I’ve lost myself in some kind of world I’m not familiar with
alone but people abound
you’re not here with me anymore nor never will
how can I ever live again
it’s all a farce
smile and laugh I’m dying
tears are falling i’m crying
drinking or smoking i’m dying
can’t bring you back i’m dying


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