30 Days of Creativity~Day 14

Today’s creative moment is brought to you by JOY.

I tried to think of what made me HAPPY.
-the warmth of the sun beating down upon me when I can relax outside
-singing in tune or out of tune to my favorite Italian rockstar, Vasco Rossi or to the music of Flogging Molly
-sharing and enjoying a conversation with a daughter, especially if it involves laughter
-seeing a clean kitchen or bathroom (or both…I’d faint)
-cooking food that EVERYONE will eat
-that wonderful feeling of being asleep before you are fully awake (if I could only bottle that)
-acting silly with my dog, Conan

If I can think of more I’ll add to the list but this is all I can think of at the moment. I just thought I should try to think of something positive.


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