30 Days of Creativity~Day Six

Wishing you all a good day and night where ever and whenever you may be.


I rested my head against the aged side of the old tree.

My hands caressed the etched, wrinkled bark of the trunk.

Though tough and protective it yielded to growth.

Times it had been harmed and scars remained as memories,

It’s branches outstretched not questioning the day.

Welcoming in the new day’s warmth giving sunlight,

The life-giving rains…the harsh biting winds of winter,

The bough breaking snows that clear the deadwood.

This tree, a world unto itself, offered another more important gift to me.

A reminder…this is life…simplified…but life just the same.

Allow it into your world with open arms and accept the good and bad.

Your scars will surely heal too and you will stand tall..

If you choose not to fight with life as you age.

The changes are expected and one day you too will be admired

By someone looking up to as you tower over them.

They will caress your wrinkled hand and hold your outstretched arm.

Yes, there is so much to learn. Pay attention when walking among the trees.


3 thoughts on “30 Days of Creativity~Day Six

  1. Another lovely Ansel-Adams-y one for me. Definitely worth stopping by. Best, Candida

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