30 Days of Creativity~Day Two

Day Two…..a photo and a poem for you. Hope you like them. Sometimes I feel like this neglected house.

Many Years Ago

She once sat in this chair and looked out among the flowers,
Many years ago.
The lamp above her head would cast a soft glow upon the wrinkled pages of the latest novel,
Many years ago.
The door would swing freely with each child’s hand as they entered looking for a bite to eat, Many years ago.
Now my paint has faded and grown mildewed. The window’s panes have been broken. The lamp is missing and the wires are bare. The old chair looks out among over grown weeds that come and go with the seasons.
It remains empty.
Many years to go.


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Creativity~Day Two

  1. carlarenee45 says:

    very interesting poem Dot! It is mysterious and somewhat erie. I love it! keep it up!

  2. Touching poem and picture–very metaphoric.

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