30 Days of Creativity~Day One

As a sign of unity I am tagging along with fellow blogger Carla at http://carlarenee45.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/30-days-of-creativity-day-1/ . I will attempt 30 days of creativity. Let’s see how long I can actually go before the meter runs empty.



I’ll start with a little ditty called SMILING FACES.

This is written in tribute to my therapists who will never cure me…they may try but I am much too complex for their feeble minds to even come close to cracking the code of my genius ( I mean illness).

The smiling faces are there for me. They stare at me and think they understand. Got the upper-hand over me.

Do they see I’m beyond their reach, tunneled below their beach? Choking in a world of sand from their upper hand?

Clapping on my own grandstand, slowly I start to sing of a world I’m abandoning.

Floating away on the dragon’s wing….Did I tell you that I could sing?

The smiling faces are so amazed, whispering silently, offering praise.

Lift their glasses offering me a toast. I soar over them; the jagged seacoast.

A lullaby or serenade, a twisted lyric, an accolade….I’ll sing for you, no, I must;

Smile for me, so I will trust.

Your faces seem like ones I’ve known from a past life garden of seeds unsown.

Sitting there pretty, sheltered from the sun.

Suddenly, my webs have come undone. Dragon’s wings crashing to the ground.

Falling so effortlessly, they’re all around.

The smiling faces cheer at my wonderful trick. But the wrong type of medicine has made me sick.

No longer can I fly to escape their embraces. On ground, I’m left with few hiding places.

Cause all of the medicines have made me sick. Pharmacological smiling faces; rhetoric.




One thought on “30 Days of Creativity~Day One

  1. carlarenee45 says:

    Oh that was great and funny too! You really have a talent. I wish I could see you sing that lol

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