Some Sense to It All

Last year my younger daughter had a past life reading done. I can’t say that I’m a skeptic because I’m not. I believe we spend many lives here and after each one we evolve to a higher plane of understanding. The life we live is our choice, everything….good and bad. I know that sounds crazy. Why would I choose to have bipolar disorder? This helps me evolve faster. It was a choice I made in Heaven. Of course, in Heaven everything is perfect and I made lots of choices and thought I can easily handle all of them because I knew the outcome would ultimately be fine. We all return to our spirit form which is pure energy. What we experience here is simply to help ourselves evolve quicker. Anyway, enough of my soapbox.
So, I also decided to have a past life reading. I also wanted to know whether I was a starseed or elemental. I already ‘knew’ what I was but I wanted confirmation from another. I was told I am a starseed which means I originated from a star system ages ago. I am ancient…something else I knew. I have taken human form many, many times. I was told of a life I lived in the 1840s in the West in America. I had a very good life and had three sons. I was raised by a father that only had two daughter and since he was a rancher he raised us like his sons, as cowgirls. I loved the life and the open spaces and nature. I fell in love with a man named Daniel Humphrey, he was my soul mate and we worked side by side. It sounded like a fairy tale life to me. I was told that my life now could be difficult to me because my soul mate did not incarnate with me, so, even though I have many soul mates in this life, my true love is not here now. I would feel a sense of loneliness and loss. This is so true. Even when I was married, my husband didn’t share my hobbies, I always felt something was missing. It’s a feeling in the heart, very hard to describe. Just receiving confirmation of all of this has made me feel like pieces of my life have come together. Explains so much about my personality too.
I don’t know if anyone else has had one done or they have an interest but it was eye opening to me.


One thought on “Some Sense to It All

  1. carlarenee45 says:

    wow, I’ve never had anyone do that. I haven’t thought a lot about past lives, not that that it maynot be true. I just have questions about a lot of things. My daughter remembers things that never happened in this life. She feels that they are from a former life.When I was in a relaionship with a girl in scotland, I had a friend online who was could read people. I asked her about my girl in scotland and me, if we would ever be together. Great Earth Mother got back to me and said that we had been together in a past life and that we had unresolved differences. We had to resolve our problems or it would never work. She said we would but not in this life.
    So I don’t know. It changed our relationship. It kinda made us want to give up. But I just don’t know what is real and what is not. I would like to be read just to see how I ffeel about it.

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