How Quickly the Storm Clouds Move In

I was having a really good day today; bouncing from one activity to another. To paraphrase my mother….Like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I was accomplishing some things, other lay half finished. Another sunny day with the temperature close to 90°….I was bursting at the seams. I even got my father shaved, cut his hair, and shampooed him without any of his usual stubbornness. And tomorrow is Friday! YEAH!!! When my brother gets home I can end my care-giving duties until Sunday at 5pm when I take over again.

6:30pm rolls around and the kitchen is cleaned, my father is done. I am just waiting for one more hour when I can get my father ready for bed. It’s quiet except for the birds singing outside. I do not keep the TV on much at all except for something special or Gordon Ramsey. I can hear my daughters excessively laughing and talking loudly and it’s starting to annoy me. This is PMS week I remind myself but I ignore them until one comes into the kitchen talking about cooking something…they don’t know what and they’ll clean the mess.

You know, please tell me, I can take it, am I a bitch? I don’t want them in the kitchen making anything. I have washed dishes numerous times today and now the kitchen is CLOSED!! No more nothing. You want to eat something…take something and get out. No cooking, go away. Come back tomorrow and do it then. Not at 2am, not at 4:30 am….or any other ungodly hour, like my youngest does. I like the peace and quiet…this is how I stay sane.

Then my older daughter tells me out of nowhere about this party that I totally forgot about because she had already said she wasn’t going and now she says…..if so and so gets a ride I can get one with him. You know, this other kid is a drunk. True, he won’t be driving but I don’t know who these people are that will be driving. But that’s just how it is for the parent today isn’t it? Hey, like I said to her…what are you even telling me this for?? She’s 23….I sit here all day busting my ass cleaning shit and she’s telling me about a fucking party. Yeah, like I won’t be worrying about it.

Hey, I got a good one for my kids. Hey kids…….One of my friends is going to a party and his friend is going to give me a ride. I don’t know him but since my friend is cool, all his friends are cool too. Oops, did I end up dead in a ditch?  Sorry, now you have no parents. But, hey, I really wanted to go to that party.

My reaction to all of this took my great mood and smashed it and made my blood pressure creep up and the ever present desire I fight to drink reared it’s ugly head. But I am proud to say I didn’t drink. I wrote this instead. Thanks for reading it for you saved me from drinking tonight. I’ll eat instead.


One thought on “How Quickly the Storm Clouds Move In

  1. rainey says:

    I sooooo understand where you are coming from! I’m glad you chose to write instead of drink.

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